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Yogi Roth

College Football Analyst | Accomplished Coach | NYT Bestselling Author | Scholar | Emmy Award-winning Filmmaker | Media Personality | Host | World Traveler



chase what matters™

As a storyteller, Yogi Roth understands it’s clear that in any great story the main character eventually loses their way. Think about the show you love right now or the latest movie you watched. There is a point in the story where the character feels lost and the same can happen with us. Some of us may even be lost right now. You may not be living a great or IDEAL story with your life at this moment and that’s OK. It’s normal. In his career, Yogi has traveled to over 30 countries in pursuit of great stories from elite performers to high level leaders. He’s broadcasted major college football for 17 years seeking and uncovering the humanity within the sport and in every conversation, from East Africa to Easter Island to Pullman, WA it came down to whether or not the leaders, the coaches, the people, and the teams were Chasing What Matters. What does it all come down to? The best leaders, the most competitive and successful cultures, the best in class, build their clarity, confidence, and discipline to consistently CHASE WHAT MATTERS. When your organization is aligned with what matters most, you will experience teamwork, engagement, and collaboration at a winning level. Yogi Roth will reignite your passion and purpose in this transformational keynote.

meet yogi

Yogi Roth is a dynamic and accomplished keynote speaker, emcee, and storyteller with over 20 years of experience in the sports industry. As a former Pitt wide receiver and USC coach, as well as an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author, Yogi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his speaking engagements. He has spoken for top brands like Nike, World Surf League, and Capital One, and has delivered talks at the prestigious SXSW Festival. For over a decade, Yogi has been captivating audiences around the world with his unique insights and inspiring messages. He has delivered powerful keynote speeches at events hosted by numerous universities and corporations, and has graced the stage at world-renowned events like TEDx. Yogi's passion for empowering the next generation of dreamers has led him to mentor football programs and athletic departments at USC, the University of Washington, San Jose State, and the Gonzaga basketball team. He is also an executive producer of the ProtectHer project, which aims to end sexual violence on college campuses, and has spoken internationally in Israel and at an all-women's school in Rwanda.

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