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College Football Analyst | Accomplished Coach | NYT Bestselling Author | Scholar | Emmy Award-winning Filmmaker | Media Personality | Host | World Traveler



chase what matters™

As a storyteller, Yogi Roth understands it’s clear that in any great story the main character eventually loses their way. Think about the show you love right now or the latest movie you watched. There is a point in the story where the character feels lost and the same can happen with us. Some of us may even be lost right now. You may not be living a great or IDEAL story with your life at this moment and that’s OK. It’s normal. In his career, Yogi has traveled to over 30 countries in pursuit of great stories from elite performers to high level leaders. He’s broadcasted major college football for 17 years seeking and uncovering the humanity within the sport and in every conversation, from East Africa to Easter Island to Pullman, WA it came down to whether or not the leaders, the coaches, the people, and the teams were Chasing What Matters. What does it all come down to? The best leaders, the most competitive and successful cultures, the best in class, build their clarity, confidence, and discipline to consistently CHASE WHAT MATTERS. When your organization is aligned with what matters most, you will experience teamwork, engagement, and collaboration at a winning level. Yogi Roth will reignite your passion and purpose in this transformational keynote.


Yogi Roth has been driven by the power of sports and story for over 20 years, as an on-air college football analyst, Elite 11 coach, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, and New York Times and Amazon best-selling author. A former Pitt wide receiver and USC coach, he is also a motivational speaker, tv and event host, and world traveler. To talk football, family, and storytelling, connect with him @YogiRoth. Yogi began his storytelling career after coaching football at USC, co-authoring the New York Times best-seller Win Forever with Pete Carroll, as well as his second book From PA to LA. In 2022 Yogi released 5-Star QB, which was an Amazon best-selling book as well as his first children’s book titled Finding Free Fun. Alongside publisher Vooks, Finding Free Fun is also an animated film. As a filmmaker, he recently Executive Produced and Hosted All American Stories on the CW and has produced or directed multiple documentaries with the Pac-12 Networks, NFL Films, Bleacher Report and ESPN, including the Emmy-nominated film Keep Climbing: 2013 Elite 11, and the award-winning film Life In A Walk. Recently, he was an executive producer on the educational documentary series ProtectHer, as well as directed and wrote the short films What Does It Mean to be Human?, What Does It Mean to Love? and What Does It Mean to Connect?. He also created and hosted the digital documentary series, We All Speak Ball, which chronicled American football in Israel in 2017. During his time at the Pac-12 Networks, Yogi produced and narrated the award-winning documentary series, The Drive. In 2020, he won a Los Angeles Emmy on behalf of the Pac-12 Networks for the feature titled Fight On: A Jackson Family. His most recent film, The Cape, will release in 2023. As a media personality, Yogi has been a host/college football analyst for ESPN, Fox and the Pac-12 Network, as well as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight on CBS and beach volleyball on TBS for the last decade. In 2017, he co-hosted the podcast Season of Sam with USC and NFL quarterback Sam Darnold. In 2018, Yogi signed a deal with Sirius XM radio, in addition to his podcast The It Factory, where he interviewed Pac-12 football players, alums and esteemed guests to learn more about their journey toward success. He has also hosted the Elite 11 since 2009 on ESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL Network, and YouTube. In 2022, Yogi also hosted the unscripted series, Fixing Us, on NBC. Yogi has been speaking for years and gave an emotional TEDx Talk at the TEDx Austin Women’s Conference. Since then, he has spoken around the globe alongside brands such as Nike, World Surf League, JCPenney, Dignity Health, PMK*BNC, IMG College, USC, UW, Oregon, Gonzaga and Capital One. He has also spoken at the SXSW Festival addressing masculinity in sports. He joined the Pac-12 Conference task force, formed to protect student athletes and address systemic issues threatening college athletics. During the 2020 pandemic shortened season, Yogi transitioned to an amplified role within the Pac-12 conference as a lead in football communications and strategy. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Yogi walked-on to the football team and earned a full athletic scholarship. He transitioned to coaching and joined the USC Football staff while earning magna cum laude with a master’s degree in Communications Management at the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism. This degree equipped him as a teacher, confidant, mentor, and coach as he taught a class titled Storytelling: The Internship to Pac-12 student-athletes. With the farewell of the Pac-12 in 2024, Yogi has transitioned to a new arena with the Big Ten Network. Yogi is the co-founder of Win Forever, LLC with Pete Carroll, a company dedicated to coaching coaches on the development of a winning philosophy. As an actor, Yogi has appeared on Comedy Central, multiple national commercials and in various independent films. An explorer of over 30 countries Yogi enjoys unplanned adventures, surfing, and a local latte. Roth resides in Venice Beach, CA with his wife Amy, two sons, and their small dog.





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