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Ready to bring your event to the next level? With our roster of speakers, you get access to inspiring keynote speakers who are experts in their fields. Connect with leaders in leadership, resilience, real estate, global issues, and more who can motivate and educate your audience on the topics that matter most. From change management to resilience and beyond, Meta Speakers has you covered.

Former Dallas Cowboy, 3x Super Bowl champion, former ESPN analyst, entrepreneur, and real estate partner.

Harvard doctor, Boston Marathon hero, mentor, mother, runner, and international humanitarian.

Entrepreneur, global Influencer, brand alchemist, mentor, named Most Influential Speaker Under 40, and host of the Fortitude Show.

College football analyst, accomplished coach, NYT bestselling author, Emmy award-winning filmmaker, media personality, host, and world traveler.

Geopolitical analyst & journalist, war reporter, author, and international humanitarian.

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