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Meta Speakers isn’t your average speaker management agency. Founded by Meta Nelson in January 2021, we've started to make a name for ourselves in the industry, officially becoming members of IASB in 2022. Our goal is to represent speakers who are not only great at what they do but also bring value and authenticity to the stage.


At Meta Speakers, we pride ourselves on being problem solvers, solution saviors, and competent communicators. We take on the task of planning, running, and monitoring events, ensuring the best possible experience for our speakers and attendees from start to finish. Our mission is to bring authenticity to all event spaces - corporate or beyond.


We offer a safe place for talent to explore their vision and purpose. Our team of experts works to eliminate anxieties by building specific plans to manage that vision, taking our job(s) very seriously. Our passion lies in seeing our people succeed, and we are committed to building a roster of exceptional speakers who are even better people. Join us on this journey of elevating the speaking industry, one authentic message at a time.

"...I can absolutely see why she had such an affinity for working with you and your team. Keep doing what you're doing - you have built a true gem of an agency."

Stephanie S., MSM, RDN, CD, Power of the Purse Charity Event


what's the 411 on management?

What Do We Do?

In a world where speakers wear many hats, we're here to supercharge your speaking journey, offering the extra push you need to soar to new heights. 🚀

We're More Than Managers
We're not your run-of-the-mill speaker managers. Think of us as your dream team, trained to make your life easier. From nitty-gritty logistics to mind-blowing marketing, we've got it covered. Contracts? Financials? Piece of cake. You do your thing, and we handle the rest.

Your Trusted Sidekicks
We're not just a professional posse; we're your personal squad of advisors and strategic masterminds. Count on us to cover your every angle. Our speakers place unwavering trust in us to steer the journey to success. Think of us as your hidden ace, the indispensable support you didn't know you were missing.

Where Magic Happens
We don't just manage, we mastermind. We dwell in the sweet spot between bureaus, planners, and speakers, crafting seamless connections that you can't get anywhere else. As managers, we’re the bridge that spans the industry and this is where the magic happens. ✨

It's All About You
Because in the end, it's about you, our incredible speakers, our extended roster, and our vibrant community. We're here to unleash your potential, support your dreams, and help you thrive. With us, you're never alone in this exhilarating journey.

Join the Meta Speakers Revolution
Ready to take your speaking game to the next level? Partner with us. We're not just about managing; we're about elevating. Discover the difference. Say goodbye to going solo – welcome to the Meta Speakers adventure.

meet Our Team

Meta is a true Texan through and through, born and raised in Dallas and a proud alumna of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She’s been making waves in the speaking industry since 2014 and has a passion for helping people succeed. She founded Meta Speakers in 2021 to continue making a positive impact on the world. Over the years, Meta has played a vital role in the success of numerous small businesses, and now she's determined to make an impact on the speaking industry (and the world) through her own company. With her tenacity, education, and magnetic personality, joining Meta Speakers is a guaranteed way to take any speaker's career to the next level. When she's not at her desk managing our speakers, Meta can be found traveling across the US of A helping her husband make music with their friends, working out at Rowhouse, or diving into her latest book club read. She’s a ​​well-organized, wise, and orderly Enneagram 1. You can bribe her with Chipotle or mezcal and always use an Oxford comma to get in her good graces. Trust us, it's worth it - she's got the power to make your dreams come true, y'all.

In 2022, Shana brought her dynamic energy to the Meta Speakers team as Manager of Projects/Everything and Everyone, leading our Oklahoma office with aplomb. With her keen eye for detail and innate ability to organize chaos, she keeps us all on track and moving forward. Shana's skills extend far beyond spreadsheets, though - she’s a friendly, helpful, and generous Enneagram 2 with a whole-hearted dedication to the people and causes she believes in. Whether it's executing an idea with competence and precision or supporting a colleague, Shana always knows just what to say and do. We are grateful to have the unique talents and the gifts that Shana brings to our table. When she's not working her magic, she’s busy being a badass, loving mother to her army of kids. Shana is a true crime podcast enthusiast, self-proclaimed extreme napper (because let's be real, naps are life), and of course, she never says no to a delicious meal at Chuy's. All in all, Shana's ability to inspire and lead has been an invaluable asset to our team. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and we're grateful to have her on our side!

Katelyn Sharlow | Marketing Director

Katelyn is a proud Michigander-turned-Georgian who's been gracing Meta Speakers with her presence since 2021. With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Kennesaw State University, her expertise has helped us up our marketing game in ways we never thought possible. Katelyn’s signature style is infused into every aspect of our marketing, from our website and social media presence to our overall brand identity. But let's be real, it's not just about looking good (although she does make us look damn good). Her contributions go far beyond the visual – her skillset and dedication have been key in building the infrastructure of the company and helping us + our speakers achieve our goals. Off the clock, Katelyn can be found on her Peloton or taking long walks with her husband + adorable pup, Murph. She’s a true Pisces, an Enneagram 2, and a sour candy aficionado. You can always find her with her emotional support water bottle (hydration is key, people). Katelyn is an invaluable part of the team, and we’re fortunate to have her sincerity and creativity to make the impossible possible.

Paige Flenniken | Business Development Director

Paige is an OG member of the Meta Speakers crew and has been lighting fires under our butts since day one. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Performance from Oklahoma State University, she brings a unique perspective and a spirit of adventure to everything she does. As the head honcho of our Missouri office, Paige wears many hats, but her most important role is being our in-house growth nurturer. From showing us how to sell like a boss to instigating awkward conversations, Paige is the one who makes sure we're always reaching for the stars. As our nurturer of growth + development, she works closely with our speakers to help them increase sales, navigate difficult conversations, and reach their full potential. Paige’s strength, decisiveness, and assertiveness as an Enneagram 8 are key factors in our success. When she isn’t making money or breaking glass ceilings, Paige is singing with one of her two professional choirs in Kansas City or performing as a global soloist and winning awards (so many that we’ve lost count) from the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She's an animal-loving movie buff with a DVD collection that rivals Blockbuster. Bottom line? Paige is a superstar in and out of the office, and we're lucky to have her on our team!

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