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Entrepreneur | Global Influencer | Brand Alchemist | Mentor | Named Most Influential Speaker Under 40 | Host of the Fortitude Show



Emily Ford is an entrepreneur, speaker, and the founder of FORTITUDE, a mentorship program and agency embodying the spirit and principle that, no matter the storm, pressure, or stressor, one can remain unshaken. A visionary dreamer, Emily has transformed her aspirations into reality. Since 2011, she has been a trailblazer in the entrepreneurial, wellness, and lifestyle sectors. 
 Not only does she lead by example, but Emily also guides thousands of other entrepreneurs toward a higher level of prosperity and achievement. Her influence extends beyond her business acumen. Renowned for her captivating keynotes, Emily travels the globe, addressing filled arenas and stages on diverse topics, from business strategies to mindset challenges, motivational anecdotes, and more. 
 Emily's ability to connect with people and inspire change has made her a sought-after and trusted speaker. Her mentorship program, FORTITUDE, stands as a testament to her commitment to helping others navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. 
 This dynamic entrepreneur has proven that, no matter the obstacles, one can endure and thrive. Emily Ford continues to leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape, fostering resilience and prosperity for all those she encounters. 
 Emily's insights and experiences have been featured on several major media platforms. She has appeared on "KTLA" and "Good Morning America," sharing her expertise and inspiring stories. Her contributions have also been recognized on "NBC LA," where her innovative approaches and success stories are showcased. Moreover, her achievements and insights have been highlighted in "Forbes," underlining her status as a thought leader in her field.



HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR THINKING, CULTIVATE FORTITUDE AND PERSISTENCE DURING UNCERTAIN TIMES SO YOU WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN. In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, fortitude emerges as a beacon of resilience and strength. But where does this inner strength come from? And how can we cultivate it within ourselves and pass it on to future generations? In this powerful keynote, you'll discover the profound impact of generational transference - the inherited patterns, traumas, and worldviews that shape our lives in ways we rarely recognize. Drawing from captivating stories of Emily’s personal triumph and perseverance, this keynote will illuminate the power of mindset, resilience, and grit in navigating setbacks and forging a path to success. Through engaging anecdotes and actionable insights, participants will gain practical strategies for building their own reservoirs of inner strength and resilience. Whether you're navigating personal or professional challenges, this keynote will equip you with the tools to cultivate an unshakable spirit rooted in self-awareness, wisdom, and fortitude. Leave empowered to author your own legacy of strength and perseverance. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and forever changed by the transformative truth that your fortitude was generations in the making. An unshakable future awaits.

you are the brand

HOW TO CRAFT YOUR PERSONAL BRAND, CREATE CONTENT WITH EASE AND BUILD YOUR IDENTITY FOR SUCCESS. The world has never been noisier. Yet filled with opportunities to those that dare to show up. In a world saturated with information and choices, standing out is no longer optional—it's essential. In this dynamic keynote speech, Emily draws from real-world examples and actionable insights. Attendees will embark on a journey of self- discovery and empowerment as they learn the art of building a personal brand that resonates and captivates. Through engaging storytelling and interactive exercises, participants will uncover their strengths, articulate their goals, and develop a roadmap for building a personal brand that aligns with their aspirations. Whether they're entrepreneurs, professionals, or creatives, this keynote will inspire and equip attendees to cultivate a powerful presence that sets them apart in today's competitive landscape. You'll gain clarity on your brand pillars, messaging, visuals, and more. Emily Ford is an internationally-recognized personal branding expert who has helped thousands of professionals level up their brands. Starting first with her own. Join Emily for an enlightening exploration of personal branding—one that promises to empower individuals to own their story, demystify unlimiting beliefs around social media, build their influence, and unlock new opportunities for success.


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