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1:1 consulting

Elevating your speaking career through personalized guidance

We are thrilled about the opportunity to connect with you in an individual consulting session! This personalized experience is a chance for us to dive deeper into your needs and customize our guidance to fit your unique journey in the speaking industry. We want to make sure our conversation is as helpful and relevant as possible, so here are a few topics for you to think about before we chat:

  • Being ready for management: What are the skills, mindset, and milestones required to excel as a speaker represented by a management agency? Prepare to explore what it takes to be ready for the opportunities and responsibilities that come with being on the roster of a speaker management agency.

  • Catching the attention of bureaus: How can you stand out and grab the interest of speaker bureaus? We'll delve into some strategies and techniques for getting noticed in a competitive industry.

  • Navigating the speaking industry: What contributes to success in the speaking industry? Let's uncover what's required to establish yourself, build credibility, and create meaningful connections within the speaking industry.

  • Enhancing your system for increased revenue: How can you optimize your processes and systems to boost your overall revenue? We'll explore strategies for streamlining operations, identifying new revenue streams, and maximizing your earning potential.

  • Next steps towards your dream speaking career: What are the actionable steps you need to take to make your dream speaking career a reality? Let's outline a roadmap and discuss practical actions that can move you closer to your goals.


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